Crime against humanity in the Philippines

Crime against humanity in the Philippines

The Philippines newly elected president; President Rodrigo Duterte won the elections in 2016. He was once a mayor. During his presidential campaigns, he was vowing to deal with crime within the first six months of presidency. The world is associating him with controversial killings of criminals. Upon his election, he did not deny this but instead he says that he will deal with criminals and drug dealers the same way he did. He says to them that it is better for them to leave the country. His mode of speaking is in a manner that most leaders in the world cannot speak. He threatens to kill whoever is involved in drugs. He talks so much about the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Those that criticize him compare him to the killing of the Jews by Hitler (Kent 14).

He says he cares less about international law on human rights.  He threatens the leaders who will oppose that he will kill them if they resist him. He says that he wished he had raped the Australian missionary who has been violated by in custody. What kind of president says such kind of things? It is brutal and inhumane to say such words. Instead of condemning rape he encourages it by wishing to the first in line in (Kent 23)

Two months after the election the leader is ordering to kill off any suspected criminal. He is giving orders for such execution without trial. There are more than three thousand six hundred murders and much more outside the statistics. His actions are against the international laws that govern all nations. Massive killing of people is a crime against humanity. It is among the crimes constituting of International Crimes. He breaches the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a treaty signed by United Nations members. Which Philippines is a member of (Shelton 13)

In the Philippines, the number of extrajudicial killings is on the rise since President Rodrigo ascended to leadership. There are very many other nations experiencing similar problems. It is unfortunate that such form presidency exists in most emerging countries. The states with high economic growth in most situations tend to have a high level of democracy. For example, countries facing terrorism are far much underdeveloped. However, the focus now is Philippines (Kent 18)

A human rights police duty is similar to that of an ordinary police officer. The duty is to protect the human rights of every individual irrespective of the race, nationality and many others (Renteln and Alison, n.p) He has that duty among others, though, protection of human rights is his core obligation. He must the values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, maintaining and preserving human rights. Every person that ascends to a leadership usually has a plan of eradicating crime. The methods that he will use to execute must be that will respect the rights of human beings. That is the requirement of every president, prime minister or king (Renteln and Alison n.p)

In the Philippines, Duterte is not wrong in trying to eradicate crime and drug dealing. However the methods he is employing are not right. Upon arrest every suspect is innocent. As the principle that says, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The suspect has right to an attorney. In the case that he cannot afford one the state has an obligation to provide one. He also required having a right kind of hearing. If he is not satisfied with a judgment, he may appeal. They are all rights of a suspect that the International Criminal Court outlines as the fundamental rights of an arrested person. A human rights officer is required to ensure that inmate has access to them (Renteln and Alison n.p)

Indeed the country is facing a lot of trouble with drug dealers. These people indulge in drug dealing because the government is not providing job opportunities. The government expects them to surrender firearms; they should also be willing to provide jobs. Besides job opportunities, many of them may are not able to provide real labor. Thus the government should provide them with capital to start decent businesses. Some of them are addicts completely. They deserve rehabilitation serves so that they will learn to live without drugs. The government can help them out of drugs. After that they will impact the society positivity (Donohew, Lewis, Howard and William 34)

The Philippines president is going against all these. International Criminal Court will charge him for the crimes he commits. No problem has got no solution. In this case of killing people aimlessly solutions are available. The people of the Philippines should come up with law, whereby no is one above the law. The country should apply the rule of law. It means that what the Supreme legislation of the nation states, every another person is required to follow it. It is a crime to kill people; whoever commits such crimes should be brought to justice (Renteln and Alison n.p)

When people commit crimes, observing justice is the right way. The law enforcers must bring every lawbreaker to justice, no matter the social class. The judiciary, on the other hand, should have integrity. Listening to cases and giving judgments according to the law and evidence should be the primary aim of judges. The United Nations should be strict on leaders committing International Crimes. The ICC should arrest leaders and bring to trial those responsible for such offenses. The steps will act as lessons not only to the criminals but to those intending to do the same (Renteln and Alison n.p)

The junior leaders and the people have a general duty to oppose extra-judicial killings. They are the voices opposing the massacring of individuals just because they are suspects. In unity to bring down such injustices eventually, will bring a conclusion to the killings. The public needs to come out and use peaceful demonstrations protesting against the killing of people without a proper trial even if a person is a terrible criminal, he or she deserves appropriate treatment. The international community should encourage the use of rehabilitation as a means of punishment (Savelsberg 1)

Countries should be discouraged from using the deterrence way of punishment that induces fear to the general public. It is not a requirement all leaders become dictators or cause fear in the lives of their people. Instead of fear they should create an environment where they serve the society. Serving the general public indiscriminately is the central aspect of leading. The public at large is inclusive of thieves and drug dealers. The use of retribution should also be discouraged. Instead of the two methods of punishment rehabilitation should be encouraged (Elder 1).

It gives inmates a chance to change their lifestyle. They are taught in prisons how to earn a better and an honest living. The United States is adopting the use of rehabilitation. Once the inmates leave prison, they leave with skills that will help benefit them and grow in the society. Unlike deterrence and retributive methods of punishment, rehabilitation reduces the crime rate. For example, taking a person to prison for the crime of robbery. The prison uses either of the two theories it means once he gets out there he will result to the same method of stealing. The individual will end returning to jail after causing more harm to the society (Elder1).

There are some instances that the Philippines president has given a speech on how he does not care what human rights state. He has vowed to keep ordering the shoot to kill of drug peddlers. Under his order, the nation is starting a hurt of drug sellers. From May the Philippines nationals are killing over 800 people. The number is still rising. He says that leaders that who use their position to perpetuate drug dealing are the first he will kill. He is saying that he will offer immunity to his soldiers and police against such prosecutions in the International Criminal Court. He is not only authorizing the killings by police, but he is allowing the general public to punish the culprits in the way that pleases them (Donohew 28)

The United Nations anti-drug agency is issuing statements that condemn the killings. Drug users are not an exemption. He says he is waging war and invoking articles war against them. He says confident manner that is impeaching him and overthrowing is impossible. The reason behind his words is that he believes his people want the same. “By committing the crimes against the Nationals, my people want justice.” Due to the killings that the president is leading nongovernmental organizations are complaining to the UN. However, he tells them that it is none of their business.  As a result, many drug users and peddlers are surrendering to the authorities vowing to live clean lives (Donohew 34)

He is setting curfews for children and minors. However, it is questionable about how the know such a big number of drug dealers. Could it be that he was once one of them? The Human Rights Watch, a nongovernmental organization, writes a letter to Rodrigo, informing him to uphold human rights in the nation. The team reminds him that the country is part of core human rights treaties. Many economic wells up governments are thinking of placing sanctions on the state. The organization warns the ICC that sits in Netherlands will arrest the president, the policemen and the soldiers who spearhead the murders (Elder1).

The group is making recommendations. They include, he should disown all extra-judicial killings. He is to ensure the arresting of all the masterminds of the murders. Give an order that the Filipinos Police task force does not allow the escape of the masterminds. Since the United Nations is criticizing him for the killings, he threatens to quit the Union. He questions the United States for the wars that Syria is experiencing. Despite the warnings that he may end up in jail, he says he cares less about being in prison so along as he accomplishes his mission (Elder1).


It is wrong to kill people just by the mere fact that they are suspect. Giving them a fair trial after arresting them in a proper manner is what is just. It against the rule of law to shoot suspects who are not rebelling, instead they are willing to surrender to the authority. By killing the drug peddlers and users, the president is creating a generation of the terrorist who is seeking to revenge the deaths of the ones they love. He is wrong to think that every other person in the same line will fear him. Instead of fear he is creating people with range and bitterness (Kaplan 5).

The United Nations is looking at his crimes and instead of arresting him, they merely issue statements condemning his acts. It should not be slow in arresting such leaders. Other nations also play a prominent role in encouraging him to continue such massive killings. They should assist the international community in arresting and charging him with crimes against humanity. The life of every human being is equally important. No person deserves to be slaughtered like a bull even though they are committing other crimes (Kaplan 5).

By killing the drug addicts it does not bring any change. It does not make them pay for their crimes. Rehabilitating criminal is a good idea. The backbone of crimes starts from a young age. Before killing these people, the president must bear in mind that they have families too. As time goes, their children will grow seeking with an urge to vengeance, then proceed to kill him. His actions are endangering his family in the future. He must take into consideration the effects of his actions (Kaplan 5).

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