Apps Where A User Can Play Music

Apps Where A User Can Play Music

Apps Where A User Can Play Music

When the iPod changed the way people consume no one would imagine that more was to come. It is now two decades since the iPod and music consumers now have something better than the iPod, the smartphone. Smartphones have made it more straightforward for people to play music in various formats using apps. Listeners can stream music or download it and play it from their phones. The following are apps that allow users to play their favorite music.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is one of the leading music apps that enable users to play music on their phones. Users simply download the app and install it and they are ready to play any track, artist or album of their choice.  The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. There is no restriction to the kind of music you can listen to, when and where. You also don’t have to worry about downloading and filling your hard drive and further organize music files before you can enjoy your music. It’s instant and simple to use, and users can choose a premium plan of a free plan.


Amazon Music

This is an excellent app that comes in different variations. Once you get to understand these variations you are in for good entertainment. With this app, you can play music bought from Amazon through AutoRip service. If you buy a premium membership, you gain access to 2 million ad-free songs. You may also opt to pay for full product services and gain access to 40 million songs. The app interface has Amazon signature black and gray colors which many users are familiar with. It has large banners and a sidebar for scrolling through categories. The app further allows offline listening since it allows users to download their music. You can download countless songs and furthermore, you can use the app on 10 authorized devices concurrently. This is a plus.  You should try it before considering an alternative.


Google Play Music

This is another interesting app that has the potential to charm music lovers. For a monthly subscription of $9.99, you can access over 20 million songs. You can also access thousands of curated music stations and videos. You can customize the app to suit your preferences and play music anytime anywhere.

Since it is downloadable and installable on chrome, iOS, and Android, it is usable on a variety of devices including mobile phone and Chromecast speakers. If you subscribe to Google Play, you can access the YouTube Music Key beta platform and watch tones of ad-free music videos. The interesting part is you don’t have to keep your YouTube app open, and that is not all, the app allows you to import all music collection that you on other platforms or devices and upload it to the cloud and then syncs it with all your devices. The app can download music, single songs or entire albums, and thus if you have a preference for downloading music you should definitely try it.


Like the other apps on this list, Rhapsody will allow you to play as many songs as you wish. You may play the song as singles, full albums or curated playlists. For a monthly subscription of $9.99, you can access over 32 million songs. Like Google Play Music, it has a download feature that allows users to download playlists or albums and thus play them offline easily. It also runs on various OS and thus it is compatible with many devices including Apple and Android phones and tablets, ford sync systems and Xbox 360.



This is another Android and iOS compatible app that is popular for music streaming. The app enables the users to stream unlimited ad-supported music on handheld devices or PC. For the smartphone users, the app has a feature that enables users to stream a personalized playlist. The feature also brings you suggestions of songs, albums, and artist that are similar to your favorites or preferences. The app also has a premium subscription version that is ad-free with improved audio quality. Users can also download songs and listen to them offline.



Music enthusiasts no longer have to organize their music on their own or invest on large hard disk for storage. With these apps, listeners can organize their music and playlists easily using the apps’ inbuilt mechanism. Listeners, can search, stream, download and share music. They have access to over 30 million songs of different genres, and artists that they can listen to at any time.

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