Open Source Vulnerabilities

Open Source Vulnerabilities

Open Source Vulnerabilities

Open source coding refers to the process of typically creating programs as a collaborative effort. Programmers are allowed to make an improvement on the code as well as share the changes inside the community. The codes are made accessible for usage by the general public or else originality alteration. Open source coding originated in the high-tech society because of corporations owning proprietary software, therefore compelling a programmer group that is not after any exclusive ownership or else financial gain to produce the programs (Hoepman & Jacobs, 2007).


For open source programs, it is easy for attackers to observe the GitHub, especially to view the individuals contributing to specific codes as well as the codes experiencing problems. The hackers would then follow the individuals working on such codes awaiting some mistakes to be made. Errors in the buffer, input authentication as well as resource errors are some of the mistakes exploited by attackers (Tan et al., 2014). Insufficient security attention is experienced where vendors only tend to resolve vulnerabilities when the product has already been released to the market. Moreover, there is consistency in some specific coding errors identified that have never been mitigated.

Key Information Left in Open Source Coding

Information that attackers would want to find include keys as well as credentials. They ought to be kept closed. Moreover, when fraud detection tools are left open, they can also be used by hackers (Tan et al., 2014). Error messages even put attackers into alert. They contain sensitive data – for instance, environmental, users, personal content as well as the information that is valuable comprising of passwords.

Processes to Eliminate Error

Vendors have come up with patches to fix vulnerabilities in the several product versions. Projects using open source codes ought to apply rigorous security analysis. This act ensures quick identification as well as quality fixing. Specific tools are available that aid in checking the susceptibility disclosure databases, even code security bugs analysis. IT technologies clearly surround all aspects of our life and vulnerabilities of secured systems not all negatives that possible will affect your life.

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