5 Tips for Creating Attractive and High-Quality Instagram Content

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5 Tips for Creating Attractive and High-Quality Instagram Content

5 Tips for Creating Attractive and High-Quality Instagram Content

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking websites today. Moreover, you will hardly find a mobile user who doesn’t have an account on Instagram. Initially, it was a platform for sharing moments from life. But today, it’s the best place where businesses can find their targeted users. According to the statistical data, we can see that Instagram is one of the biggest social networking websites that has over 1 billion monthly active users. Therefore, digital marketers consider this platform to be the main space for finding potential customers. However, the rules of advertising on Instagram have changed. Today you can’t place a few random hashtags and wait until your customers find you; it’s really about creating quality Instagram content.

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the main tips for making Instagram videos that will surely resonate with your targeted audience. Plus, we’ll also give you some tips and tricks on how to build the right marketing strategy, how to promote your Instagram account and get new customers. Get comfortable and have a look!

25 attractive ideas for creating quality content on Instagram

Now that you are well aware of the meanings, definitions and some great tips to do better on Instagram, it is time to offer you 23 easy yet attractive ideas which make the content creation process so much fun.

Exceptional discount codes and auctions are among the contents that give your audience a sense of specialness; Because they will be informed about discounts and special shopping opportunities sooner than others.

instagram sale and discount codes

In every field of work, there are celebrities whose quotes you can use as content on Instagram. This is often interesting to the audience and also shows that your brand activity is in line with the values defined by the celebrities.


You can create and publish educational content. For example, if you are selling kitchen utensils such as a food processor, publish some recipes for different types of smoothies that people can be prepare with a food processor. If you work in tourism, publishing educational content about tourist spots in a particular city can be an interesting idea.

tutorial content on instagram

It is interesting if you let your audience see the people who works with you brand. Obviously, you always need a content calendar. However, it is not a bad idea to act at the moment sometimes and show your employees.

This will be interesting for audience because people are always curios about this kind of stuff. For example, you can post pictures of a Skype session or staff working with masks and gloves these days.

creating quality content on Instagram


As a content creator on Instagram, you should be aware of the various trends in the world. For example, different challenges are trending today. Another clear example of the trend these days is the spread of corona heart disease. You can create relevant content to keep up with this trend.

It’s a good idea to dedicate a section of your content to your audience’s entertainment. Introducing movies and books can be a good option in this regard. It is best to introduce books and movies that are relevant to your brand.
Introducing documentaries and tutorial books are also good options.

content on instagram by movies and books

If you have a new product/service on the way, you can publish related content about that. The excitement of the issue peaks if you do not fully disclose your product. For example, publish a blurry or semi-complete image of it and ask the audience to guess what your new product is. It also increases the audience engagement.

new products on instagram are great opportunities to create content

Asking and waiting for questions is a great idea foe producing content. It can create a lot of interaction between us and our audience. You can ask questions in a post or story and ask them to answer. Or vice versa, use the Instagram question story feature so that the audience can ask their questions about your brand and products.


Do you know other ideas for creating quality content on Instagram?

Publishing website content or informing about new website posts will increase the audience’s interaction with you both in the Instagram and in site. This definitely leads to SEO improvement.

Hearing the experience of previous customers will builds audience trust. If the customer is satisfied with you and has expressed his satisfaction, you can post this satisfaction on Instagram.

testimonial on social networks

Do not limit yourself to product satisfaction. Converting dissatisfied customers to satisfied ones and publishing their testimonials is also a good way. By doing this, you show the audience that their satisfaction and solving their problems is your priority.

It’s also a good idea to encourage your existing followers to create content, but how? Ask the user to comment on a specific topic in your field, or ask a question. This type of content is referred to as “UGC”, or user generated content.

Integrate Content Curation

Make sure you give due credits if you’re using the second party content as is. It’s generally a good practice to add your content to it to repurpose according to your brand and not make it look wholly copy-pasted.

Their Instagram feed is a mix of curated and original content. They take visually appealing pictures of modern bath spaces from interior designers and architects with often a towel hung.

Instagram feed is a mix of curated and original content.




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