About Global Student

When you pass through the doorway you enter the world of Global Student you are entering a research project initially started by Connect (previously the Victorian Education Channel) and the School Library Association of Victoria. Global Student is the student space connected to Global Teacher. In order to get blogging spaces for your students it is important to register and create a Global Teacher blog.

Whilst Global Student is a space for student blogs it is important to follow a couple of rules to ensure student safety.

  1. Only teachers can create blogs. You can create them for students but the teacher MUST be the Administrator (owner) of the blog. This allows moderation of comments and content.
  2. Teachers are responsible for their students online. They must ensure they are supervised in the same way they would be on an excursion. We ask teachers and students to keep the space safe and appropriate for others to view.
  3. Should something go wrong or you see content you think needs to be removed let us know straight away. Contact us at [email protected]

Take a Stand on Online Bullying

An Anti-Bullying Video was made in the UK with stars such as Rio Ferdinand, Sharon Ozborne and Sugar babes to encourage young people to make a stand against bullying.

To view it, you need to have Microsofts Windows Media Player on your computer. If you click on the link below, the video will begin to play.

Make sure to check out the Online Bullying Blog and have your say.

News Features.

This comprehensive Web 2.0 Calendar has been designed by Heather Blakey to encourage staff and students to experiment and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today. The objectives of this program are to encourage exploration of Web 2.0 and new technologies and to provide staff with new tools that will engage students. Work through this calendar and you will become familiar with blogging and learn how to make the most of the Global Teacher and Student network.