Blogging Safety

It is recommended that you become proficient with your own teacher blog before you create any blogs for your students.

You must always be the administrator for every student blog created. This will allow to moderate and edit content instantly. You can have both you and the student as administrators.

It is recommended that you choose who you want to be able to comment with consideration and select that comments must be moderated before they post live. Comments have been used in incidents of student bullying.

It is important to get permission from parents to create student blogs and publish student work or pictures to the internet.

It is critical that as this is shared across the world that students do not post personal details such as address, full name etc. The overall presentation of the blog is an opportunity to teach students the value and impact of the “Digital Footprint” they create on the web.

It is also critical that you are fully aware of your professional responsibilities in an online environment. Detailed information is provided at Working with the Web.